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The Future Leaders of Industry program is dedicated to providing structured opportunities to assist and motivate secondary students to take up careers in industry, with an emphasis on engineering, science, technology and health.

The program has the potential to change lives. It provides a great opportunity for the youth in our community to participate in activities that build their skills, increase their confidence and opens their eyes to career opportunities that they hadn’t considered previously, or known where available locally.

Since it’s inception, over 200 local young leaders have participated in this highly reputable and influential program, with many moving onto future successes where they have drawn on the skills learned from the program.  During this time, local businesses have continued to support the program with scholarships, sponsorships and through the mentor aspect of the program, which has included the involvement of over 150 different mentors since 2005.

Overall the Future Leaders of Industry program provides a great experience, that leaves a lasting impression on all those involved and it provides a long term benefit to our community which is evident now and will continue to be in the future.

It is important that young people are attracted into careers in industry and by keeping local young people engaged in further education and training and helping them to develop employability skills, the program is helping to create a potential workforce and also helping to build the social capacity of our community.

The FLOI scholarship program will introduce the successful participants to various aspects of business, industry and government/community organisations through a structured, informative and interactive event program which will enable those taking part to gain firsthand knowledge of how these workplaces operate.

These events will be managed by the FLOI co-ordination team which consists of Anne Murphy and Lilja Radley, from the Glenelg and Southern Grampians Local Learning & Employment Network (GSG LLEN), and Anna Impey, from Portland Aluminium.

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Update 22 November 2016