2013 Future Leaders of Industry Program

In 2013, the GSG LLEN worked with Portland Aluminium and 17 other partner business (including Committee for Portland, DEEWR, Deakin University, Wannon Water, YMCA, Keppel Prince, Port of Portland, Portland District Health, Pacific Hydro, ECL services, Hatch, Incitec Pivot, Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, DWECH, SW Tafe and the Glenelg Shire Council) to offer 25 students the opportunity to participate in different events and activities that promote leadership skills, along with allowing the students to experience local careers with local organisations.

Below is a description of each of the activities that the participants partake in throughout the duration of the program.


On the 26th of June 2013, the Glenelg and Southern Grampians LLEN, in conjunction with Portland Aluminium, celebrated the launch of the Future Leaders of Industry program in 2013.  Over 120 people, including the 25 student participants, their families and other partnership businesses and organisations, attended the Portland Football Netball Club from 5.30pm – 6.45pm for an afternoon tea salutation.

The launch provides the opportunity for the students to meet with their matched mentors and also discover more information about the program. It is also a great way to get all of the participants, mentors and other partners together in a room, to break down barriers, create relationships and generate enthusiasm for the program.


Information Day

On Thursday the 25th of July the 25 Participants attended the first official day of the program – The Information day.  As the name suggests the day is all about gaining first-hand knowledge of local businesses and job opportunities within our community.

The information day provides a wonderful opportunity for our FLOI participants to increase their knowledge of local industry, businesses and community organisations. As well as this, it provides networking possibilities which can be of great benefit to them all.

10 participants traveled in one bus, visiting local health and community services organisations; such as Portland Police Station, YMCA, Portland Child and Family Complex, Community Health Centre, Ambulance Victoria, Portland District Health and Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly and Community Health Services inc.

The other 15 participants traveled in another bus visiting Portland Aluminium (which incorporated ECL Services and Hatch), the Port of Portland, Pacific Hydro, Wannon Water and Keppel Prince.

 Info Industrial     InfoHLTH1

Leadership Day

Leadership wkshopOn Tuesday the 30th of July the 24 remaining participants were involved in a workshop on leadership, communication and goal setting, as well as an adventure activity to promote team building.


Leader bikeThe group was split into two, with half staying at the location to spend the morning at the workshop with Keppel Prince’s Neil O’Donnell, aka Noddy. Whilst the other half of the group went on a three hour bike ride, completing team building exercises along the way and experiencing some of Portland best views.


Careers and Community Day

On Wednesday the 7th of August the participants learnt that employment isn’t just about the amount of money you earn, it can also be about helping the community.

It enabled the participants to understand that helping out in your community as a volunteer can assist in building employability skills, improving your networking opportunities and expanding the breadth of characteristics that future employer will draw on during the recruitment process.
The participants also filmed a documentary about the FLOI program, general careers and their community awareness.
Finally, the participants were able to practice real life recruitment procedures and gain some helpful careers information with advice and assistance from HR Manager Jacqueline Mulvey from Portland Aluminium.


Mentor Day

During a two week period each participant arranged to spend the day with their nominated mentor, to gain first-hand knowledge of what the work in their particular area of interest involves.  They were able to gain a better insight into the career paths available within industry plus the day gives them an invaluable opportunity to begin to build a network of contacts to assist them in their study and work life.

Mentor HatchMentor GSCMentor PortAluminium

 Presentation Development Day

PresentOn Friday the 30th of August the participants travelled to Deakin University in Warrnambool to learn about presentation skills and public speaking strategies.  The participants also had the opportunity to experience engaging an audience as well as developing their speeches so they could host the final graduation of the program.


Approximately 120 family, business and community members celebrated the graduation of twenty-four 2013 FLOI participants at a breakfast on Wednesday the 11th of September from 7am-9am at the Portland Golf course.

As the final culmination of the highly successful program, participants had the opportunity to host the graduation event, building on the skills they have developed throughout the three month program presenting an overview of their experiences in the program.

Graduation 1

Graduation 2     Graduation 3


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Updated 26 September 2016