Glenelg Beyond the Bell Local Action Group

The Glenelg Local Action Group has created a strategic plan by drawing upon the knowledge of our community in a series of workshops in October and November 2014, and other available information.

Community Based Action Plan Final 20141217

As a combined effort we have identified the issues and priorities that we believe have the greatest influence on outcomes for our young people. We recognise that many of these issues are complex and cannot be addressed by a single person, organisation or sector alone and this plan will guide us in addressing them through a whole-of-community collective impact approach.

A large membership and distribution list has been created, smaller sub-committees formed to focus on high priority areas, and other local networks and organisations have aligned their efforts and actions to the Glenelg Community Based plan.

Some recent initiatives include:

  • Stepping Stones to School – Phase 1 and 2, funded by the State Trustees Australia Foundation
  • Key Messages – You’re Enough Campaign
  • Aligned provisions for district education providers

For more information about current initiatives, membership and more please contact the Partnership Broker at our Portland Office.


Updated August 2017