Glenelg & Southern Grampians Youth Networks

The Glenelg Youth Network (GLYN) and the Southern Grampians Youth Network (SGYN) have been in existence for a number of years, having a combined membership of over 150 organisations and individuals who have a concern for youth issues.  Membership includes educational, recreational, health, welfare, housing, disability, government and employment agencies.  The networks are also linked in with the SW Rural Youth Advisory Network in Warrnambool (RYAN).

Providing an extremely important forum in which to air and share information, expertise and knowledge about youth issues – the networks are an initiative of the GSG LLEN.  We continue to facilitate guest presenters and monthly meetings and act as the hub for distributing information throughout the networks.

Each network is governed by an elected chairperson.  Meetings occur monthly, hosted by local agencies.  The GSG LLEN provides secretariat support to both networks.

Southern Grampians Youth Network

Chairperson:  shared among members

Secretariat SupportGSG LLEN Partnership Broker – Southern Grampians

For further information on the SGYN network or to request inclusion on the membership distribution list please contact the Southern Grampians Partnership Broker on (03) 5571 9302.

Glenelg Youth Network

Chairperson:  Lee-Anne Nelson  (Victoria Police)

Deputy Chairperson:  Nicole Reefman (United Way / Bayview College)

Host Agency:  Glenelg Shire Council

Secretariat Support:  GSG LLEN Partnership Broker – Glenelg

For further information on the GLYN network or to request inclusion on the membership distribution list please contact the Glenelg Partnership Broker on (03) 5521 0410.


Updated November 2017