GSG LLEN Strategic Plan

LLEN Strategic Plan Version 2013

GSG LLEN Committee of Management in consultation with key community stakeholders has developed a four year Strategic Plan based on analysis of the issues affecting young people in the region.

Glenelg and Southern Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network


“To enhance meaningful opportunities for young people which contribute to positive education, training and employment outcomes.”

Goal 1:  Increase the number of young people completing Year 12 or equivalent

1.1  Improve education and training pathways for young people in the region including disadvantaged, indigenous and young people with a disability target groups.

1.2  Clarify and improve data collections, sharing and analysis.

Goal 2:  Improve education and training pathways in areas of local need

2.1  Identify and recruit 4 major regional employees operating in sectors currently experiencing skill shortages with the aim of developing improved education and training pathways into that industry.

2.2  Facilitate partnerships between key local and regional industry groups, schools, education providers, workplace learning co-ordinator program, regional career development officer, employment agencies and local government in order to:

  • raise awareness
  • identify training opportunities where required
  • incorporated school engagement activities
  • relevant careers information and
  • develop possible industry based ‘taster’ training sessions or site visits.

Goal 3:  Increase the percentage of disengaged young people to re-engage with education, training and employment

3.1  Facilitate partnerships to improve re-engagement of early school leavers into education and training through  alternative approaches and in school initiatives.

3.2  Facilitate the linking of Youth Connections, Centrelink, Job Services Australia, the School Focused Youth Service  and other relevant youth transition services so that all early school leavers are followed up and supported to resume their education.

Goal 4:  Improve pathways for disadvantaged young people with emphasis on those with disabilities

4.1  Facilitate partnerships with key stakeholders including employers, employment services, school and disability providers to identify and improve education and employment pathways for young people with a disability.

Goal 5:  Improve employment and education outcomes for young Koorie people

5.1  Support collaborative approaches with key indigenous organisations and community, Koorie transition Officer, Wurreker Broker and Koorie Engagement Officers in order to identify barriers, improve careers planning for the younger Koorie cohort and assist with strategies to increase the retention of Koorie students.

Goal 6:  Improve the capacity of parents and families to engage with education, training and career decision making

6.1  Facilitate partnerships which aim to provide relevant careers information, and improve parent’s knowledge of careers and pathways planning.

6.2  Support schools in the development, delivery and assessment of new parent engagement strategies with a focus on Grade 5/6 students.